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Experience is Everything About Hair Skin and Nails Continuing Education

Experience is Everything

Joann Moore is the founder of Hair, Skin and Nails Education. Her background is in Salon Ownership and Cosmetology Instruction.

She has owned and operated successful salons and has been a stylist to the stars when they popped into town at her Tempe, Arizona salon.

She has helped train master stylists like Camille Friend, who has worked on professional movie sets such as Black Panther.

In her own words, she was “doing extensions before people knew what extensions were!”

Her experience and understanding of the industry sets her apart from other companies who are just selling online courses in mass online.

Continuing Education Provider

Joann is a continuing education provider who takes education seriously. She has a bachelors degree in communication and a master’s degree in education (specifically in curriculum and instruction) from Ottawa University.

She has been a professional beauty instructor for over 20 years and loves helping new beauty professionals learn the techniques that will help them earn more in their business.

Joann has worked as a continuing education provider as well as on state boards and at colleges during this time to help students get a jump start on their careers as beauty professionals.

Stylist Continuing Education Courses

Our Services

We Believe Learning is Earning - Therefore We Offer A Selection of Ever Expanding State Continuing Education Courses for Beauty Professionals to Stay Current In Their Fields.

Hair Stylist Continuing Education Classes

Hair Stylist Continuing Education Classes

Learn the techniques you need to earn more. From hair extensions to hair coloring and so much more, we’ve got you covered when it comes to learning your trade and becoming a master at what you do.

Skin Care Professionals CE Classes

Skin Care Professionals CE Classes

We love helping you succeed! Skin Care Professionals can help their clients have confidence and reveal true beauty unlike anyone else. Let us help you learn how to take care of your clients the right way so they keep coming back for more!

Nail Tech Continuing Education Classes

Nail Tech Continuing Education Classes

Staying on top of sanitation, new techniques, and the right way to do things as a nail tech is so important! Get the education you need to be not just an okay tech, but a great one and you will have customers asking for you by name!